Sunday, 14 February 2016

Garden Clubs of Australia Photo Submissions

Hi, I am one of the GCA Calendar Coordinators for the successful GCA "Beautiful Gardens of Australia" Calendar. 

I would appreciate you highlighting at your February Club meeting that, even at this late stage, we are still seeking photo entries for the 2017 Calendar that closes on 1st March this year. 

With minimal time left before closer, I wish to simplify the process of entry for any of your members. 

I am merely asking that members send digital Garden Scene photos in landscape format in the largest MB file size they have taken the photos in. No time need be spent in photo manipulation such as Photoshop etc is necessary as we will do that in the process of preparing the chosen photos for the Calendar.

Send the photos via email to or ring me on (03) 9790 5659 if further information is required. If sending several photos then send in several emails if the photo file sizes are large. Photos can also be posted to me on a CD/DVD to 64 Timbertop Drive, Rowville, Victoria, 3178. 

For the photos finally chosen - either as the main large photo on each month's page or as the smaller "filler picture" photos on the pages, I will contact the photographer to get the garden name details of the photo, the members Club, clarify the legal issues of copyright etc. before we proceed further. 

As already indicated, the 12 main photos attract a copyright fee of $100 to the photographer for each photo. The smaller "filler picture" photos do not attract a fee but the photographer has the pleasure of their photo being in a National Calendar and acknowledged with their name. 

I appreciate that some photographers are reluctant to send their photos as they are unsure of their retention of ownership and copyright. They can rest assured that any files of photos not used and acknowledged will eventually be destroyed so no other person or organization can ever get access to them. 

There is no entry cost and those photos chosen will give great pleasure to the photographers, as they will be published in a Calendar that is distributed nationwide. 

Paul Lucas GCA Calendar Coordinator 
Email Paul

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