Sunday, 17 January 2016

President's Message - January 2016

 Eucalyptus deglupta - image M. Reid
Happy New Year to everyone!  It was great to see such a good roll-up at our first meeting for 2016, which I’m sure is just the beginning of an excellent year for our Club.

In this first newsletter of 2016, I would like to focus my segment on the wonderful community spirit that our Club shows in so many ways, and to say thanks to each and every one of our members who generously commit their time and energy to helping out.

The agenda at our January monthly meeting clearly demonstrated what a community-minded Club we are, and I think it’s worthwhile to reflect for a moment on the community activities that were spoken about at that meeting.

First we had Sue Young and Pat Roser offering to coordinate the distribution of excess Council plant stock to schools and community organisations around Coffs Harbour.  This is a new initiative brought to us by Ian Corbett and Paul Sullivan and has great potential to help beautify our city environment as well as providing useful education for a lot of people in the cultivation and management of living plants.  Thanks Sue and Pat.

Next we heard from Peter Kimber about the work our members do each month at the Airport Garden, which I know is highly valued by the Airport’s management.  Well done and thanks to the team who do this work.

Peter also spoke about the Coffs Show, where again our Club plays a significant role.  So thanks to Peter, Margaret Crawley, Margaret Franks and all those members who help out with the Show and/or who enter the competitions.

Clean-up Australia Day is another long-standing community activity for our Club and thanks to all those people who have put their hands up to help out with the upcoming 2016 event. 

Finally, we had Col Smith and Graham Davey volunteer to assist the Coffs Harbour Acute Mental Health Unit by sharing their gardening knowledge and skills with patients at the Base Hospital.  Thanks very much to both you gentlemen.

While I’m thanking people, could I also on behalf of all members, say thanks and congratulations to Bob Tarry on his election as Vice President.  Bob is a very active gardener and Club member and it’s great to have him on the Executive for 2016.

And I’m extremely pleased to let you all know that Anne-Maree Ely has advised me that she will stand for election as Treasurer/Public Officer.  Assuming no-one else nominates, the Club will need to ratify Anne-Maree’s election when we meet again in February.  Thanks Anne-Maree for volunteering for this essential role within our Club – it will be great having you on the Executive with Bob, Michael and myself as we work toward another productive and enjoyable year for the Club. 

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