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Outing 19 Jan 2016

A stunningly brilliant day with a beaut seabreeze for our first outing of the year. We enjoyed our morning tea on the deck with sweeping ocean views at Andrea's lovely native garden. 

We did advise folk that the drive was steep - however there were some members who just couldn't resist the challenge of the climb.

Andrea's drive is edged with Golden Penda Xanthostemon chrysanthus which must look stunning when it is fully out.

A lovely sitting area in the shade from an overhanging sail rimmed with fantastic pots including this terrific carnivorous plant pictured below.

A wonderful assortment of native plants - this area is under the clothes line! It would be a pleasure to do the laundry.......

Andrea has quite a steep slope adjacent to her home which she has densely planted out with mainly natives.

A large retaining wall has created a level garden.

What a stunner!  Grevellea 'Poorinda Golden Lyre' looking just terrific at 
the top of the drive.

A meandering path through some very impressive looking shrubs. This area, like all the garden has been really well mulched.

There was one fatality today........ President Geoff was admiring a large Lilly pilly fruit (from the Syzygium boonjee) and 'just touched it' and it fell into his hand. There was great discussion among those around him and the fruit was duly split open to examine the seeds and the taste etc. Andrea meanwhile was coming toward her precious Lilly pilly and was pointing out her fantastic fruit - 'oh! it's gone!'. There was one very embarrassed President G.

Seen above are the cute groundcovers that Andrea has planted - this Poorinda Royal Mantle will go a long way to cover this area soonish.

And just who doesn't like these little beauties? Everlasting daisies Bracteantha bracteata a lovely native flower which can be found from far north Queensland, through to coastal areas in Western Australia. They generally flower from spring to autumn, Andrea said that these ones are annuals.

Swamp Banksia 'Banksia robur' is a very dramatic shrub with very large, stiff serrated leaves. These leaves are a lovely mid-green on top and pale, flannel-like on the reverse. The bud is a bluish green but turns a yellow-green as they mature. The flowers darken further as they age. The spent flowers are a really interesting feature of this wonderful native.

Grevellea 'Dorothy Gordon' Andrea does really well to have this one looking so good. It really enjoys a well drained, loamy or sandy soil. It is a hybrid of G. sessilis and G. paradoxa.

Grevellea 'New blood' a low spreading groundcover which delights as it flowers for most of the year. This plants works well as a bird attractant.

Honey Myrtle Melalaleuca Thymifolia 'Pink Lace' is a dense mounded shrub with pink curled flowers that spot flowers throughout the year, isn't this just gorgeous?

Our second garden was at Moonee Beach. This garden won the 2015 New Home/New Garden category in the Spring Garden Competition.

It is hard to believe that this garden is just 18 months young.

There were tonnes and tonnes of river rocks delivered for water mitigation purposes. These rocks were dumped on a vacant piece of land next door and then individually placed into position.

This lovely spot is actually underneath the deck area and is so lush. There is a sitting area included in this cool spot with a fantastic viewpoint to look out on to the garden.

 This Begonia is doing 'just fine' in the protected, shady under deck area.

Pat, Corinne and Ray.

Hibiscus giving a great splash of colour.

A great sunny spot for the raised bed vegetable garden.

 CHGC Members enjoying their look around.

 Grevellea 'Poorinda Golden Lyre' 

Corinne & John moved from Sydney to Moonee Beach and they had potted up as many of their special plants as possible before that move, along with some wonderful garden elements eg mirror, garden seating, pots etc. This could possibly be the reason why this garden looks so mature for its young age. A truly stunning garden and the accolades given during the 2015 Spring Garden Competition are well deserved - a pristinely kept garden with wonderful use of colour, shape, height, size, texture and foliages.

Our outing concluded with an excellent lunch at the Moonee Tavern. Thank you to the Program Committee - Pat, Sue and Jane for organising this terrific outing. Also congratulations to the CHGC members who opened their gardens for us to view - you should be very proud of your gardens, we just loved the visit too!

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