Monday, 18 January 2016

Harmony Haven

This is a two acre fantasy garden featuring a rose labyrinth, amethyst meditation cave, ponds and streams fulfilling the atmosphere of fantasy. It was created by just one woman who used her creativity to produce a beautiful space to assist in her fight of a serious illness. The amount of rock that has been carted on to the block is just amazing (no wonder she looks so fit..). The lovely deep, deep red volcanic soil of the Dorrigo Plateau makes for a wonderful foundation, which must have been a huge advantage in this garden's initial development.

There are some wonderful large trees giving some areas welcome shade.

Please note the size of the rocks that have been relocated to the garden, these have been used to edge the garden beds. 

This garden is approximately 731 metres above sea level. 

Being just 60kms from Coffs Coast it is amazing the difference in climatic conditions and plants that thrive at Harmoney Haven.

Great use of vibrant colour.

The pool reflecting the myriad of colours in this garden. 

With summer temperatures rarely getting into the 30's this garden can include some cold climate plants including weeping cherries/plums and conifers. 

All paving has been made onsite using a mold this paving leads into the amethyst meditation cave.

With an average rainfall of around 2,000mm conditions on the Plateau enable a diverse range of wonderful plants and flowers. 

Popping colour brings delight in many of the garden 'rooms'. 

This photo was included so someone could identify it please. 

There are so many stunning features and plants to delight, eg the stunning colour of what looks like a maple.

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