Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016 let's hope it is a good one!

The coming year for CHGC could go two different ways - the first hopefully will happen ......... 

  • Someone puts their hand up to take on the role of Treasurer. Simon has done an excellent job over the last three years establishing systems that make this task a lot easier. The books of account are now in spreadsheet form and he has mostly done away with the lengthy process of cheque payments for expenditure reimbursement to members, with its inherent delay in payment.  It was totally unfair to expect members to carry these expenses for a long time before payment, and so with electronic transfer of funds this has really been streamlined.
Or the other alternative will be:
  • No-one comes forward to take on the role of Treasurer.  As Geoff said at the AGM, it is absolutely essential that this position be filled, because if it's not, the club cannot continue to operate. This would not only be a very sad day for the club, it would be a tragedy for a region the size of Coffs Harbour not to be able to sustain a garden club.  At the AGM Geoff offered to stand aside as President and take on the role of Treasurer, but there were no takers for President.  I'm sure that offer still stands.  So we need someone from our 102 members to come forward as either President or Treasurer.  If you want more information, please call Geoff on 6656 2429.

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