Sunday, 1 November 2015

Flanders Poppy

Flower of the Month - November

From the Papaveraceae family, these poppies are instantly recognizable with their simple papery petals in a wonderful vibrant red.

It was Homer, the ninth-century BC Greek poet, who first associated the drooping poppy bud with the form of a dying soldier, and today this poppy is worn as a mark of respect especially on Remembrance Day 11 November.

Seed packets were distributed to CHGC members earlier this year and we look forward to seeing some lovely examples on the Competition Table in November. Some folk have already had them flowering for some time (see photo left Bob & Gaye's beauty) however, for others it hasn't gone at all well and won't have anything to show because wood ducks have eaten them!

Pick the poppies as soon as you see the red of the petals showing, even whilst they are partly in bud, as this will ensure they will last a long time in a tall vase and will encourage more flowers to grow.

If we are lucky these flowers may reseed themselves to give a show again next year!

Another image (right) from Bob and Gaye, thanks for sharing.

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