Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rosy Red Radish Growing Competition

The ruler is out, taste buds tuned up, an eagle eye out for pests and diseases - everything is set for Judging the Rosy Red Radish Growing Competition.

President Geoff is out and about this week judging the Radishes which the Coffs Harbour area schools are involved in as part of the Spring Garden Competition community involvement.

Judging commenced yesterday, Wednesday 9 September, and will continue until tomorrow, Friday 11 September.

Schools were asked towards the end of term II if they wanted to be a part of this competition. At first the response was a little slow but the CHGC have been blown away by the overwhelming enthusiasm for this competition with 18, yes eighteen schools to be judged! 

Seeds were dispatched to all the participating schools in July and they have been extremely busy integrating the growing of these seeds into their curricular learning outcomes for this term. 

There were only 6 schools out of the initial 24 who didn't have anything for President Geoff to have a look at - not a bad result out of all the schools participating really. Can you imagine what it would have been like if he had to taste and judge the offerings of 24 Rosy Red Radish crops?

So far we have seen THE most amazing gardens and to think we have yet another day to go! 

What a pleasure to visit such enthusiastic participating schools and well done to the students, teachers and parents who have been involved. 

Friday Update

We continued to see some terrific radishes today. There were radishes planted in small tubs like those seen right.

Others that were being protected in propagating units.

While others were in purpose built gardens that are easy to work without bending.

Some of the radishes were happily nestled in with other vegetables.

We saw some amazingly happy faces of pupils who had worked hard on projects about radishes.

AND some very keen observers of the judging process.

The Presentation of Prizes will be on Fri 18 September at the Cavanbah Centre commencing at 7:00pm. Mayor Denise will be there to present this award.

Thank you so much for a wonderful few days judging the Rosy Red Radish Growing Competition.

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