Monday, 21 September 2015

Judge Mike West Feedback

Brief Report on Coffs Harbour Garden Club Competition 2015

Thank you for appointing me to undertake the judging task at your annual garden competition. It has been a pleasurable, yet at times complex task.

Some notes regarding what I found along the way:

  • Regarding presentation of units for whole of garden section - the rear and sides (where applicable) of the units should be made available for inspection to enable a full comparison of properties.
  • The front garden category was well contested, with many properties being close to winning a place. Traditional and modern approaches provide an interesting contrast.
  • Where corner blocks are entered in this category, a specific street frontage should be nominated on the entry form.
  • With a strong showing from those properties entered in the new dwelling/garden category, some could be expected to become contenders for future competitions as the gardens mature and are further developed.
  • Based on the criteria for the Waterwise sections, the ideal does not call for no watering, but wise use of the potential resource. This seems to be an area of potential development, as few examples were seen of rain water collection, micro sprinklers and drippers, and fewer still of grey water use/reuse. However, there were many examples of the use of mulches in various forms.

Overall, there was a wide range of gardens presented, from small to large, simple to complex, old to new, and the interest shown by all the entrants is to be commended.

Mike West

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