Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Jacaranda Festival Outing

A reminder about our next outing to the Jacaranda Festival in Grafton, Monday 2 November 2015.

To see the beautiful streets around the Grafton CBD is a true delight AND to be able to see them without the hassle of finding the 'good streets' and driving at the same time a real bonus!

The Program Committee have done an excellent job of organising this outing for members of CHGC, in particular Pat Roser, so thank you.

Coffs Coaches are our hosts for the day and will depart at 9am so perhaps it might be best to be at the Botanic Garden earlier than that so we can actually SET OFF at 9am!

The coach will be making a stop at Hearns Lake Road bus shelter in Woolgoolga to collect any members from the northern beaches who don't want the run into town.

A light morning tea will be provided by Coffs Coaches in Grafton before we head off for a look around town at the beautiful Jacaranda lined streets. If you think that there is only the one shade of Jacaranda you are in for a very pleasant surprise - there are soft blue, mauve/blue, almost purple and white Jacarandas found in Grafton and the surrounding area.

During the Festival there are many private gardens open for visits and we will be visiting as many as can be fitted into our day. The CHGC went to the Festival two years ago and were quite simply 'blown away' by a town garden that was so full of colour it hurt our eyes, I'd never seen the like before, just stunning. The large rural blocks had had a real tough time due to hard frosts and less than usual seasonal rain. So it is hoped that this year the weather does it part with some lovely early spring rain to nourish those gardens.

A sandwich luncheon at the South Grafton Bowling Club before we once again head out, either to more gardens or a walk around town looking at the displays some of the businesses have put up in honour of the Festival.

This will be a very enjoyable day of not only seeing beautiful Jacarandas and terrific gardens but a wonderful opportunity for some social interaction among members of the CHGC. Incidentally, the more we have going the cheaper it gets for everyone!

The coach will be departing Grafton at 3:00pm, so we will be covering a fair bit of ground in the day.

Please be respectful of gardens and don't ask for any cuttings. Sometimes the open gardens will have some propagated plants from their gardens for sale. If you intend buying up it might be a good idea to bring a box along with your name on it to put your purchases in so we don't make any mess in the luggage hold of the coach and also keep your purchases together.

CHGC member Maureen S. has this beauty growing at her home

You can visit the official Festival website here.

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