Tuesday, 4 August 2015

We Don't Enter the Spring Garden Competition Because....

President Geoff and I are often asked why our garden is not an entry in the Coffs Harbour Spring Garden Competition as we spend so much of our lives with Garden Club activities (some say too much) and spruiking all things gardening! 

We (sort of) know what needs to be done in gardens during the year but knowing what to do in the garden, does not necessarily mean you actually have the time to get around to completing each and every task. It has to be said that we both gain tremendous enjoyment from seeing things flourishing despite our ad hoc approach to gardening. 

When writing for the CHGC website or newsletter about the pests, diseases, significant weeds and problems encountered in the garden, it has to be admitted that this is done with wonderful authority as these problems can clearly be seen in our own garden.

Garden competitions are not all about perfectly trimmed edges and manicured lawns I know, but they do require a modicum of order, with good plant health, design elements and an environment where one would like to be in - not where one should be in, gardening!

It has been said that if you are a slave to your garden and resent the amount of time you have to spend working in it, your garden is either too big or not designed to suit your lifestyle. Perhaps Geoff and I need to readdress what we grow in our garden and 'get stuck into' changing it - when we have the time!

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