Thursday, 13 August 2015

Gardening Guru Gavin

The Coffs Coast weather was showing off its best to set the scene for the team from Better Homes and Gardens - Cassandra, Kate & West, to visit our resident CHGC sub-tropical plant guru Gavin and his mum and dad, Barbara & Michael.

This segment will be aired on Channel 7 the 9th October and included in the November issue of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Apparently, Gavin is also be interviewed on the radio, so it is all happening for him!

Well done, and congratulations - you've put in many, many hours creating a wonderful subtropical paradise here on the Coffs Coast which is a real joy.


  1. Hi Maria. I wanted to sign up to your blog but I cannot see where to sign. You have done an amazing job with this site. Warm regards Daphne Douglas

    1. Don't worry about joining up with Google. If you want to post a comment, just do what you did on Saturday and sign off as Daphne D. and I will know who you are.

      Thank you for your kind words, I'm pleased you like it.


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