Friday, 3 July 2015

July Air-side Maintenance at the Coffs Airport

Thank you Michael R. for the images.

Simon has sent a report for the July airport gardening maintenance (tarmac side of the airport). Team Leader Peter was unable to be there, along with President Geoff who was in the big smoke. The huge job of planting the new Agapanthus was left to the three pictured above - Gavin, Simon and Michael. 

From Simon:

Only a small turn up this month; Michael, Gaven and Simon. We could have used a few more hands as it turns out, as we had a large bed of agapanthus to plant out. 

However, we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in. We removed all the existing weeds at the head of the airport entrance bed, gave it a good fork over, and planted out three trays of agapanthus. 

Understandably, it took a lot longer than a normal Airport Garden visit, so we were unable to attend to the regular weeding and pruning routine. We can catch up next month. Our supervisor, Paul, will arrange for the new bed to be watered in well, and will arrange for some protective mulch and wood chip.

Thank you Simon for the report. Next time you are returning to paradise folks, just take a second or two to see what this small band of the CHGC membership has achieved. The air-side gardens are a wonderful gateway to Coffs and the CHGC are proud to be part of that welcome.

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