Monday, 18 May 2015

President's Message - May 2015

Firstly could I just say a very big thank you to Margaret Franks and Peter Kimber and all members of the club who worked in the pavilion at this year's Coffs Harbour Show. Special thanks to Janny Hoy who used her imagination brilliantly to fulfill the brief for the non-competitive Community Floral Display, which advertised our club with details of meeting time and place. Although I understand entries were down a bit in the horticulture section, the Show still provided some excellent examples of the fantastic flowers, plants, fruit and vegies that our local gardeners grow. Well done to all.

As you know, we run our own little 'show' at each month's Club meeting. There are plenty of categories on the competition table and I encourage you all to exhibit some of the wonderful things I know you all grow. Your points accumulate each month and the people with the three highest scores at the end of the year will all receive a prize at the Club Christmas party. So the more categories you enter each month, the more points you can score, and the greater chance you'll have of winning one of these fantastic prizes. There will also be a wonderful random prize draw for everyone else who exhibits on the competition table during the year, so make sure you bring something along to each club meeting.

The other thing I thought I'd write about in this edition of our newsletter is the importance of Botanic Gardens to us gardeners. My immediate inspiration for this was a recent visit to the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mt Tomah, the initial planning and development of which was undertaken in the early 1970s by a good friend of mine, Warwick Watson, who worked at the time at the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.

Effie and Alfred Brunet acquired the property in 1934 for a cut-flower farm to supply Sydney florists. The land was donated to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney by the Brunet family in 1972 and opened to the public on 1 November 1987. If you have an opportunity to visit Mt Tomah make sure you take it, and definitely allow plenty of time as it contains myriads of well signed plants and some great ideas for garden landscaping. Pack a picnic too as there are some lovely spots to stop and break your visit to these stunning gardens.

Our Regional Botanic Garden in Coffs Harbour is also a wonderful resource for local and visiting gardeners. I truly enjoy wandering around the Garden checking out what grows well in our climate and seeing how the staff and volunteers who work in the Garden (including some of our club members) show it off to best advantage.  I'm sure spending time there will definitely pay off for you by increasing your knowledge and providing you with ideas to implement in your own gardens. The CHGC June outing is a walk around the Coffs Botanic Garden.

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