Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Gardeners' Diary - April


  • Flanders Poppy seeds in an open, sunny area.
  • Beans, broad beans, climbing beans - please click here for an excellent post on growing beans in subtropical conditions.
  • Beetroot, directly into position and ready for harvest from August.
  • Coriander, it doesn't bolt to seed so much in the cooler months.
  • Dill is another good one to plant now and it should be ready from about August.
  • Kale, there are so many different varieties around and just great for soups.
  • Leeks, plant seedlings quite deep so you get more 'white' stem.
  • Rocket, soft lettuce varieties are still good to plant just now.
  • Sweet pea seedlings.


  • Lillypilly as the edible fruits ripen - simply eat the flesh and plant the seed straight into regular potting mix.
  • Roses, this is a wonderful opportunity to share a lovely rose that perhaps you haven't a clue what it's name is, just that it has a wonderful perfume or growth habit.


  • Hibiscus, are looking fairly scraggly now and need a tidy up.
  • Tidy up Banksia bushes by pruning off spent flowers and seed heads.
  • Its time to cut off spent Bottlebrush flower heads before they go to seed.
  • Gerberas are looking a bit tired now so trim back, apply some compost and mulch, and water well to encourage them back into bloom.


  • Now that the vegetable garden is full of the winter brassica seedlings it is a peak time for white cabbage butterfly, might be best to lay a fine mesh over your crop.
  • Snails and slugs are rampant now - use whatever is your preferred method of handling them before they eat more veggies than you do!
  • Don't forget to spray your citrus with white oil. If there are any leaf miner affected leaves, just cut them off. Apply white oil weekly for three weeks to bark and leaves.

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