Saturday, 20 December 2014

President's Message - December 2014

This President's Message is our last for 2014. I’d like to start off by offering best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy Christmas and a great New Year.

The Club’s Christmas party was a lovely event, which we held at Opal Cove where we were again looked after brilliantly well.  I think everyone who attended had a great time, enjoying fine food and fellowship, as well as the visit by our special Santa (thanks Jane).  And thanks to Maria for all her hard work in organising the event.

We have a new team looking after the Club for 2015.  Congratulations and sincere thanks to each and every person who has put their hand up for the coming year.  The new team is:

Patrons Julie and Paul Worland

Executive:  President: Geoff Bell

Vice President: Simon Young

Secretary: Andrea Baker

Treasurer & Public Officer: vacant – Simon to continue until Feb 2015

Committees and Other Roles
    Communications Coordinator:  Maria Bell

    Spring Garden Comp Cttee:  Simon Young, Maria Bell, Bob Tarry, Jane Durler,
        Margaret Crawley, Peter Kimber, Michael Pearson, Ray Chippington

    Program Cttee:  Trish Welsh, Jane Durler, Maureen Stokes

    Catering Cttee:  Margaret Crawley, Jeannine Young, Janny Hoy, Margaret Franks

    Hospitality & Attendance Book:  Marion Braun, Gill Goatcher

    Competition Table Judges:  Ray Chippington, Gavin Reid, Helen Kayser

    Competition Table Stewards:  Michael Reid, Simon Young

    Airport Garden Coordinator:  Peter Kimber

    Gardener’s Diary – Flowers & Foliage: # vacant – please consider doing this

    Gardener’s Diary – Fruit & Vegies: # vacant # - please consider doing this

    Gardener’s Diary—Tropical/Sub-tropical:  Gavin Reid

    Setting up/Packing up Coordinator:  Peter Kimber

    Raffle Seller :  Peter Kimber

    Birthday Cards:  Helen Kayser

    Show Delegate:  Peter Kimber

Our first meeting for 2015 is on Sat 21 Feb at the Botanic Gardens at 1.30pm, but please don’t forget we also have a social picnic at Mylestom on Mon 2 Feb.  I look forward to catching up with everyone then.  In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and happy gardening.

Folks it’s time to share your knowledge (or learn in the process..) If you’d like to do either of these two roles please contact Geoff. #

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