Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Harvest Heros

The CHGC outing for November was to the beautiful Orara Valley looking at vegetable gardens - three diverse gardens where we were fortunate to meet some special 'harvest heros'.  Following is an account of this outing by Margaret F: 

After meeting at the Botanic Garden for morning tea about 13 garden club members ventured west to visit three stunning organic vegie patches.

The first garden belonged to Virginia and we were totally amazed at the amount of fruit and vegies she had growing in her small patch of about 12 raised garden beds.

Virginia is seen here on the left.

To keep all wildlife out, the garden was covered with bird netting wire.
Some of the beds had just one variety while others had multiple types of fruit and veg growing happily together.

Virginia's three young children were very good at picking the crops while her eldest likes to help in the planting. Labels were used in the garden to teach the children to read, while also learning all about the vegies they like to eat.

The next stop was to Lyn's WOW vegie garden. Again lots of variety of vegies were growing with spectacular health in this much larger garden.

Lyn is a chef and this is a Chef's garden where she grows everything she needs to feed her family.

In contrast to Virginia's garden, Lyn did not have any fencing or netting over her gardens and yet everything seemed to be untouched by the wildlife. Lyn had naturally very good soil and used compost, blood and bone and dynamic lifter to feed the plants.

The corn and rhubarb, in particular have spectacular vigour. Lyn also gives her neighbour some produce to make jams, relishes, chutneys etc.

Our last garden to visit today was the Karangi Public School.

This school looks absolutely stunning before you walk through the gate and gets better as you walk around the grounds.
We were given a guided tour by three enthusiastic and knowledgeable students who are very proud of what the students, parents and teachers have achieved at the school.

The 'Australian Garden' with all native flora.
The students alternate working in the garden one week and then cook the produce for other students the next week. They have bush tucker as well as fruit trees, herbs and vegies growing in garden beds scattered around the grounds.

It's no surprise why they always win a number of prizes in the school section of the Spring Garden Competition.

Delicious meals were eaten at the Coramba Pub before heading to Total gardens for a little retail therapy. The lovely cooling rain was a very welcome way to finish the day. Thanks to the outing committee and Maria for organising this fantastic outing.

Some photos of the members who attended this outing:

Gaye T., Robyne & Bob M. & Margaret C.

Sue Y., Laurel T., Bob & Gaye T., Robyne M.

President Geoff doing what all blokes seem to do around a clothes line.......
Gardener Lyn with CHGC members.

Sue Y., Andrea B. & neighbour Kat with her pickles etc.
Gaye & Margaret

Bob T., Margaret F., (author of article) & Keith T.

Thank you so much Margaret F. for writing the account of the day.

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