Monday, 1 September 2014

Gardeners' Tips - September 2014

Safety Tips:

Storm season is approaching so now is a good time to think about ensuring you are prepared, garden-wise. Here are a few things you might want to consider doing:

  • If you've got big trees that could be a bit of a worry, have them checked out by a qualified aborist, and if necessary get permission to have them trimmed or removed.

  • Clean out your gutters, downpipes and drains to minimise the chance of overflow water damage to and around your property.

  • Try to make sure things like outdoor furniture are secured to prevent them flying around in strong winds and causing damage.

Tasks this month:

  • Feed your hibiscus now with a complete fertiliser and spray them with white oil to control harlequin bugs.

  • Start your rose feeding and pest control programs. Feed with cow or poultry manure around established plants every six weeks, and apply liquid seaweed fertiliser to foliage every fortnight. You can also use specialist rose fertilisers like Seamungus. Conduct pest control on alternate fortnights. It's worth using different products over time to help avoid a build-up of resistance, eg, Rose Shield, Eco Rose, Triforine, Lime Sulphur, Maverik and Success.

  • Check your tomato plants daily to ensure the soil is evenly moist - not too dry and not too wet. Never wet their foliage when watering.

  • To help fruit set on citrus, don't feed them until flowering is complete.

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