Friday, 1 August 2014


August 2014 flower of the month

Camellias are a member of the tea family with over 300 species and are native to the coast and mountain regions of eastern Asia. The tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is the source of our commercially grown tea.

The leaves are glossy, mid to dark green, with toothed leaves and have short-stalked flowers that bloom during the cooler months. The leaves are often used in floral designs because of their glossy appearance and their sturdiness.

There are quite a number of flower forms and sizes with colours ranging from white, cream, yellow, pink to red-purple and bi-colour flowers.

Shaded or semi-shaded positions, acid to neutral soils, dry winters and wet summers suit the majority of camellias, so the Coffs area should prove to be a great climate to grow them.

 Camellias are long-lived shrubs and propagating is by grafting, or from cuttings taken in late summer to winter. They can have many applications - formal garden, woodland setting, hedging, edging, topiary or for espalier.

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