Monday, 14 April 2014

Steve McGrane at the Royal

What a pleasant surprise to see a local from Coffs at the Royal - Steve McGrane in the Tech Arena. Steve is helping to get the Ag Innovations message across. 
Australia’s agricultural industries are proud of their innovation and technology. The Ag Innovations showcase at the Royal Easter Show is focusing on issues facing agriculture in the immediate future and highlighting solutions which innovators have developed to answer these challenges. 

Our Club is visiting Steve's Permaculture principled garden at Korora on Tuesday 22 April. We are then going to have lunch at Beachstone Cafe at North Sapphire and then check out Treasurer Simon & Jeannine's foundation garden. Should be an interesting outing.


  1. Steve's garden is a revelation. So much diversity is such a small area. So much knowledge to impart! Could have spent all day following him around. Will certainly follow his site now I have found him.

    Michael Reid.

    1. So pleased that you enjoyed the April outing - I'm only sorry that my commitments here in Sydney prevented my attendance. Steve is certainly an inspiration for anyone who wants to reduce their 'footprint' on our environment. Thank you for the feedback.