Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Gardeners' Tips - April 2014

  • It's a really good time to propagate evergreen trees and shrubs like rosemary, camellia and gardenia.
  • Look after next season's fruiting by removing any spoiled or fallen fruit to reduce the risk of pests next season. Bury fruit at least half a metre deep or dispose of it in your green bin.
  • Feed your lawns now with a good quality lawn fertiliser, remembering to water in well to avoid fertiliser burn. Then mow as high as possible from early May. This combination will help control winter grasses and bindiis etc, as well as help to ensure the grass itself stays healthy during the drier times of the year.
  • It's also a good time to propagate your frangipani by using firm cuttings up to 2 metres long. Dip the pruning wounds in sulphur powder, then wait a week before inserting your cuttings in fresh propagating mix. Frangipani are semi-succulent and so keep the propagating mix slightly dry. It is also possible to insert cuttings directly into the ground, but you might find you get better results by using the propagating mix method before planting.

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