Friday, 7 March 2014

2014 Competition Table Information

Some of our new members have asked about the competition table and how to enter. 

About the competition table: This is an opportunity for our members to display their beautiful blooms, potted plants, fruits and vegetables. We have three member judges who allocate the placings for each category - Ray, Helen and Gavin. Points are awarded for each category at every meeting with winners being recognised at the Christmas function each year. 
  • Entry is FREE
  • You can have as many or as few entries as you wish. If you do however have more than one specimen in a category, only one should be judged (there are 'display' signs available in the number box).
  • When you enter the meeting room and after signing the attendance book (for insurance purposes) you will see a box containing numbered yellow envelopes. 
  • Just pick up the next envelope in line 
  • Write that number with your name against it in the competition table book
  • Place your entries in the various categories with your allocated little number close to your entry
  • Return the envelope to the back of the number box.

If you are concerned about what category to place your specimen, just ask one of the Stewards for the Table - either Anne Moon or Graham Davey. If they are not at the meeting just ask any of the members who regularly have entries on the Table, there is bound to be someone who can help you out.

Competition Table Categories:

* indicates just one cut or stem is to be displayed unless a potted plant

Cacti & Succulents
Shrub *
Flowering Shrub *
Flowering Pot Plant
Non-flowering Pot Plant
Native *
Vine and Climber *
Bulb, Corm, Rhizome *
Orchid *
Azalea *
Camellia *
Flower of the Month (advised in newsletter and web) *
Rose, Hybrid Tea *
Rose, Multi stem *
Rose, Mini*
Cut Flowers, Bunch
Cut Flower *
Floral Art
Fruit x 3 pieces
Vegetable small x 3, large x 1

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