Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gavin's Beautiful Bali Hut, Grafton Outing, Armidale & Uralla Trip And Grafton Outing 2013

Gavin's Beautiful Bali-Style Paradise


These photos have been submitted by Bob Tarry



Bank & Residence - 'The Garden at Geall'

some flowers No. 1

Some flowers No. 2

Interesting stuff - note how the fence has been cut to go over the big rock; every bloke's dream of the outdoor kitchen; Thunderbolt's grave site (although it has been said this is not correct); some beautiful paving from the front gate.

Grafton Road-trip

Dawn, Marie, Joanne, Brenda, Jeffery, Helen, Bev

Mary, Patty & Joan

Pat, Anne, Pat, Jenny

Jane, Don, Gavin & Geoff

Gavin, Helen, Anne, Pat, Patty


Joanne, Don & Bev

Ray, Wendy & Jane - looking pensive

Joan, Mary & Patty

Marie & Dawn

Kel clearing the table - watch out  RSL staff, you could lose a job

Margaret, Pat, Margaret & Anne

Brenda & Jeffery

Gavin & Mary

Bill & Helen

Pat & Trish

The throng - Ray you're not asleep are you?

Don, Geoff, Joanne & Bev

Margaret, Margaret, Kel & Anne

What a wonderful day we had - thank you folks for making it so special.

Gardens Visited in Grafton

Scott and his beautiful town garden

Cheryl and her large acreage garden
Maree and her oasis garden with quirky touches

Monday, 28 October 2013

Top Day in Grafton

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A very happy bus-load of folk travelled up the Pacific Highway to take in the sights of the Jacaranda lined streets of Grafton - and what a treat it was, just beautiful. We enjoyed seeing soft blue, mauve/blue, almost purple and white Jacarandas in Grafton and surrounding area.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

AGM 23 November 2013

Photo submitted by Steve taken at Floriade 2013

What are our expectations from being a member of the Coffs Garden Club?

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Trivia Night

Trish (scribe), Helen, Garry & Jane

The Coffs Harbour Pacific City Lioness Club held a trivia night with proceeds going to the Early Childhood Intervention Programe, Coffs Harbour. Some members from the Garden Club decided to make up a table and support this most worthy cause and what fun it was!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Assassin Bug

Assassin bug
The bug: True to its name, this bug creeps up on prey, using its curved beak to inject saliva that liquefies the captive’s innards, which it then sucks up leaving only the exterior shell of its prey behind. Assassins range from tiny to longer than an inch. They have long heads on narrow necks and range in colour from dark to pale with splashes of brown, black, orange or red.

The benefit: They eat beetles, mosquitoes, bedbugs, aphids, caterpillars and flies, but they can be tough to have around because they also eat bees, and some species bite humans when cornered and carry disease.

Assassin bugs lay their eggs during the warmer months on leaves or in the soil. Their eggs resemble brown barrels and are found standing in tight, upright clusters. The eggs hatch in the spring in the nymph stage. Nymphs look very similar to adults except that they have yet to develop wings. Nymphs go through five instars, or short developmental stages where they shed their exoskeleton in order to grow. During these instars (which can last up to three months), assassin bug nymphs develop wings and become adults. They will live as adults for another 6-12 months.

Assassin bugs are known to both seek out and sit and wait for their prey. They will spend most of their time hunting on and feeding on the leaves of trees and bushes. If there is not an adequate food supply they will move on to other plants that have. Once they have located their prey they will grab hold of them with their strong forearms and use the beak of their mouth to pierce its body. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

20 October 2013 Meeting

Meeting 19 October 2013

Cut flowers

Ray pointing out these beauties

Australian Native Plants

Some lovely bunches

Anton's 'Round in Circles'
Ray looking very happy at his job

Anton's Designs

'All in White'
Anton is such a talented floral art designer and it was a real pleasure to watch his demonstration today at our regular meeting.

Following are the designs he created today. Anton names all his designs and rightly so as they are indeed ART.

'On Square'

'Spring Carnival'

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Grafton Outing 28 October

Beautiful Jacaranda lined street

Just a reminder of the next club outing to Grafton. Take in the beautiful Jacarandas of Grafton and one or two gardens as well, what a treat! 

Please meet at the Botanic Garden at 9.15am or at the Woolgoolga rest stop at 9.45am to be part of the cheerful crew on the bus. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Woopi Garden Expo

Josie & Marion

Woolgoolga Garden Club's Garden Expo held on Sat 5 October was an outstanding effort from their members and friends. The weather was sparklingly perfect, the sausages sizzled stunningly, the cuppa and delicious goodies were indeed fit for any self respecting high tea, there were abounding pots of propagated plant bargains, amazing local music talent, interesting, entertaining and informative guest speakers, CWA with their cooking and handicraft on sale, specialist growers stalls,' The Shed' selling wonderful wooden items and other novelty sellers too. On hand there were over 70 members doing their bit for the success of the day. What a terrific team effort, well done!

Coffs Harbour Garden Club had some member winners and grinners too - Myles who won a lovely owl garden ornament in the raffle and Geoff who took out best cluster rose in the rose competition.

The Expo was held in conjunction with Woolgoolga District Orchid Society's Show - and did they show! There was a fantastic array of the most beautiful orchids - the school hall was just brimming. How these stunners are transported without any damage is wondrous in itself. The Woopi Orchid Society is to be congratulated on an excellent event, it was certainly enjoyed by the crowd.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Masonic Village Gardens

Impatiens colour used in this beautiful display

President Pat and Maria were given the delightful task of judging the resident's entries in the Masonic Village Garden Competition this week. It was obvious that folk had been planting, primping, pruning, mulching and swatting white cabbage moths with a squash racquet (in one case) in readiness for this event.

The gardens were a true delight and competition was fierce among the entries. All will be revealed at their Presentation on Thurs 17 October.

Wonderful Popeye's Pick

Aptly named garden.

Good mulching

Lovely design elements