Saturday, 23 March 2013

23 March 2013 Outing

Outing 23 March 2013

Thanks go to Graham for these wonderful photos of the outing.

Member Sue's Garden

 Kellie's Garden


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Club Positions

At our recent AGM the following positions were filled by:

President - Pat Roser
Vice President - Anne Moon
Secretary - Maureen Stokes
Treasurer - Simon Young
Garden Competition Committee - Margaret Crawley, Ray Chippington, Peter Kimber, Simon Young, Trish Welsh, Jane Durler and Maria Bell
Publicity Officer - Annie Stewart
Catering Officers - Margaret Crawley, Jeannine Young
Hospitality/Attendance Book - Irene Garton, Margaret Radford
Competition Table Judges - Ray Chippington, Helen Kayser
Stewards for Competition Table/Trading Table - Jenny & Alf Klinkby
Airport Garden Co-ordinator - Peter Kimber
Programme Committee - Maureen Stokes, John Clarke, Trish Welsh and Maria Bell
Setting up and Packing up - John Clarke, Gavin Reed, Peter Kimber, Jenny & Alf Klinkby
Washing and Drying up - Annette Gardner, Gill Goatcher, Jim Wasley, Helen Kayser & Gwen Clarke
Show delegate - Peter Kimber
Newsletter  - John Clarke
Gardener's Diary - Donald McKetin
Plant of the Month - Gavin Reed
Raffles - Peter Kimber
Birthday Book - Annie Stewart & Helen Kayser
Webmaster - Maria Bell
Public Officer - Ray Chippington
Patrons - Julie and Paul Worland

Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back those who have put their hands up again for a position. The coming year should be a huge success with such a terrific team!

Monday, 18 March 2013

AGM outcome

More on this when the Secretary does the minutes but in the meantime all the positions were filled with barely a pause; a terrific outcome for our AGM. Pat Roser is our President, Maureen Stokes - Secretary and new member Simon Young has taken on the books. Six new people put their hands up for tasks - OUTSTANDING.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Floral Emblem for Coffs Harbour

Syzygium australe - Weigulga Bush Cherry

There are over 60 different varieties of Lilly Pilly in Australia. Syzygium australe is endemic to this area of the Mid-north Coast. Syzygium australe grow up to 35m and make excellent screens, windbreaks or hedges, as they respond well to pruning. Their root systems are non-invasive and with their fast growth, a spectacular ornamental tree. The leaves are glossy and about 4-8cm long. The clusters of white flowers are followed by the dark pink to red fruits which are well suited to preserving as they are high in acid and set well in their own pectin. Eaten raw their soft juicy flesh is quite delicious – the skin has a slightly bitter after palate.

The Coffs Harbour Beautification Improvements Committee in 1992 made a recommendation to Coffs Harbour City Council to adopt this indigenous Lilly Pilli as the floral emblem of Coffs. This recommendation was referred to the Garden Club and The Friends of the Botanic Garden where both approved and it was adopted by the Coffs Harbour City Council in July of that year.

Weigula, from this native word came the name Woolgoolga - a town to the north of Coffs Harbour.

Garden Club and it's history

In trying to find out when the Garden Club was established I came upon a wonderful little book titled 'For the Love of a Garden' 1950 to 2005. This publication was co-written by Jack Lawson (current member) and Betty Newton. The years between 1950 and 1967 were researched by Jack from newspapers and other historical records and the years between 1978 and 2005 were collated from minutes and newsletters of the Club by Betty.

From this publication it was found the Club had it's roots in The Horticultural Society which was started in 1950, a change of name to Horticultural and Orchid Society in 1964, and another change in April 1979 to the present Coffs Harbour Garden Club.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yeh! Airport maintenance happened today

We had five volunteers to attend to the Airport Garden today, Peter, Helen, Jim, Gaven and Simon. The gardens were in surprisingly good condition in spite of the fact that staffing issues have prevented us tending these gardens for some months. Damage from recent extreme weather events was not in evidence. Two new beds have been established replacing what was lawn in front of the building. These new beds will probably not need any maintenance until next spring. The order of the day was some pruning and shaping, as well as some dead heading and old growth removal.

Historic Coffs Cemetery Clean Up

We had a good roll up for the Clean Up Australia event, in spite of the threat of inclement weather. In all, there were ten participants including girl guides from Sawtell and Coffs Harbour, plus a number of Garden Club Members and family. Our task was to clean up the cemetery at the rear of the Botanic Gardens. Recent weather events had caused quite a bit of wind damage within the cemetery. There was a great deal of branch debris throughout, and persistent high winds had scattered many of the plastic floral displays. Notwithstanding this, we had sufficient volunteers to clear away the rubbish, and to tidy up around individual grave sites. Peter co-ordinated the event, and issued each of the participants with Clean Up Australia Certificates. Job well done!