Thursday, 29 March 2012

Coffs Harbour Show

The Coffs Harbour Show this year will be held 11-13 May. This year the Committee are striving for excellence in the Pavilion by producing a platform where competition, education and public interest are the focus. To this end we intend having a series of presentations which we hope will be of interest and educational value to our show-goers.

We have Anton to demonstrate his amazing skills in floral art; Gwyn is generously sharing her vast knowledge of Australian native plants and Janny to show us how we can do floral arrangements which are simple but stylish for our home.

These talks will be commencing at 10am on Saturday 12 May. I look forward to seeing lots of interested faces from our Club in the crowd!!

The Show needs exhibitors - otherwise there would be NO Show at all. As you are aware, our esteemed prolific exhibitor will not be exhibiting this year, so there is a huge void in the Flower and Plant Classes. It would be terrific if each member were to just enter one or two entries - so scrub off those pots folks! If you need assistance with transportation I feel confident we can come up with something to help ---- although not big, heavy pots, thank you.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

President's Report 2011/12

It is my pleasure to once again present my Annual Report. It is always difficult to know where to begin. We have had such a happy, busy and interesting year, but we have also been touched with sadness with the passing of dear friends.

This is a time to look back on what we have accomplished in 2011 but it is also a time to look forward to new directions and endeavours to make sure that there is growth and development in our club.

Looking back
This year our club received the Eleanor McLeod Award for outstanding Service in the Community for our continuing support of the Coffs Harbour Show, our work at the airport garden and the successful running of the 23rd Annual Spring Garden Competition. All these enterprises have been successful through a great commitment and dedication by some members of the club, unfortunately sometimes too few. To keep these projects running we need some new enthusiastic members to join these conscientious people.

For this year's success we have many people to thank. Reading the Reports you will see that we have had interesting and impressive guest speakers, and some really fun and friendly outings, in spite of the weather, and this is thanks to Joyce, Anne, Gill and Elizabeth.

Our Competition Table has been well supported by members and Ray and Patty have kept us informed of the winners each month, while Jim and others have kept up the supplies of goodies for the Trading Table. Every month we have given out our Friendship Bowl to a club member who has not been well and Helen has remembered all our birthdays with beautiful cards. Jan finds new plants to tell us about and Myles comes up each month with a handy hint and a few laughs. Peter H, Peter K and friends have made our visitors feel welcome and introduced them to other members.

As our go-to man, Peter keeps us up to date with the progress of the Coffs Harbour Show and the Airport Garden and as a raffle ticket seller 'extraordinaire' he keeps our bank balance out of the red.

Of course one of our biggest commitments is to the Garden Competition and here we have to thank Ray, Maria, Margaret, Anne, Peter for the mammoth task they undertook on behalf of the club to make sure this Competition was a success.

To complement this success we now have a brilliant new website set up by Maria, which keeps us all abreast with what is happening in our club and informs everyone of up-coming events and happenings.

Two other Community Projects which the club undertook during the year were firstly to take part in the Clean Up Australia Day where we had stalwart members braving the elements to keep our Historic Cemetery pristine and secondly to make a donation of $500 to the Mackay Botanic Gardens, after the devastating floods that hit Queensland last year.

When we speak of untiring and dedicated workers for our club we must also think of Maureen, our busy and capable Secretary who attends to the business of the club, and Anne, our hard working Treasurer, who has kept our books and us financially on the straight and narrow path! Without these two wonderful ladies our club would not function. And so a very big thank you to them both. You have been indispensable. Also a big thank you to Ola who has always willingly filled in for missing executives when asked.

And a big thank you to all our members who have supported us throughout the year ..... all those who have worked quietly behind the scenes, providing Afternoon Tea, washing up, setting up the Competition Table, getting our the library books, putting out the chairs, packing up, working on the BBQ to raise funds for the Garden Competition, etc., etc., to all those people, who are the heart of the club, we salute you. Without you there would be no Coffs Harbour Garden Club!

Looking forward
A club is the sum of many parts and it needs energetic and committed members to ensure its success. In this coming year you will get the best out of your membership if you are involved in the club's activities and management. Each and everyone of you can contribute with ideas and suggestions and by participation. There are many small ways in which you can make our club a success. You could help by bringing along something for the Competition Table, or help set it up. You could volunteer to look after the Attendance Book or set up the Library, or be a 'Welcomer' or a Steward, or help with the afternoon tea. These are all small things that require very little time, only the commitment to do them each meeting.  

How can you help ???

You can by taking up the challenge to be an active participant in our club!

This year I would like our aim to learn new things, be involved..... and to have lots of FUN and FELLOWSHIP along the way, and so to fulfil the goal of all Garden Clubs to promote 'friendship through gardens'.

We can achieve this by all working together to make sure our club remains the best club in Coffs Harbour.

As President Obama said, 'Together, we can!'

Pat Roser OAM

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

AGM Update

A wet day for our AGM and to the dedicated members who attended the meeting, good on you for braving the wet.

Of course, a huge thank you goes to the members who have put their hands up high for the various positions within the club. We all look forward to a happy and eventful year working together.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spider Lilies - Member Photos

Marie sent in these two Spider Lilies photos. They were grown at her friend's garden in Toormina.

Rather special flowers. Thank you Marie for sharing these with us.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A reminder about the AGM

Our AGM is coming up on 19 March and this is the day where you can do something proactive to keep our terrific club operating smoothly. The time honoured expression 'many hands makes light work' really does apply to clubs such as ours.

There are many people needed to fill the various rolls of the club, it's not just a case of electing a President, Secretary and Treasurer and hey presto, a club! Think about contributing in some way at our Garden Club by putting your hand up for something from this list:

  • meeting room set up
  • afternoon tea setting up
  • afternoon tea roster
  • airport garden maintenance team member
  • BBQ helper
  • birthday cards
  • catering officer
  • competition table Judge
  • Garden Competition sub committee
  • gardener's diary
  • gift purchaser
  • guest speaker suggestions
  • joke deliverer
  • meeting concierge
  • laundering table cloths and tea towels
  • newsletter editor
  • preparation of Judges & Stewards Book for garden comp
  • programme committee member
  • publicity officer
  • Public Officer
  • set-up/break-down of competition table
  • Show Society representative
  • driver or steward for garden competition
  • steward at Coffs Show
  • trading table contributor
  • washing up
  • web and blog editor

Sunday, 11 March 2012

10th Anniversary for local club

Congratulations to the Woolgoolga Garden Club members who hosted a lovely luncheon to mark 10 years as a club.  The happy throng of more than 60 people included members from regional clubs who were entertained with a hilarious summary of the early days by a foundation member. Well done Woopi.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mid North Coast Zone Co-ordinator

Garden Clubs of Australia has a new Mid North Coast Zone Co-ordinator - Keryn Rodham from the Woolgoolga Garden Club.

Keryn is already energetically embracing her role, visiting many of the garden clubs, groups and societies in her zone. Coffs Garden Club was fortunate to have Keryn visit soon after her election and it was just lovely to meet and hear her journey in gardening.

Keryn is an extremely talented creative artist and she marries elements from her craft into her garden where they rest so beautifully, creating subtle focal points and enhancing the ambience of the cottage garden rooms. So successful was the appeal of her garden, it took out a major prize in the 2011 Coffs Spring Garden Competition.

Coffs Garden Club looks forward to working closely with Keryn and her initative of a proposed Zone Day a terrific idea and a wonderful opportunity to meet members from other clubs in our zone.

Contact Keryn  email here

(02) 6654 2165
0428 542 162

PO Box 546
Woolgoolga NSW 2456